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Henry van Niel

Light designer  Theatre technician  Photographer




Henry van Niel (1956) began his career as an all-round theater technician and lighting designer in 1984 at the youth theater company Pssstt in The Hague. In the 4 years that followed, he learned the profession and came in 1987 under contract with his “dream company” theatergroup De Appel in Scheveningen. He developed as a technician but also became the regular light designer of the company.

In the 30 years that followed Henry made light designs for productions of De Appel but also outside the company, including the National Theater and the Paardenkathedraal.

He worked with directors as Erik Vos, Lodewijk de Boer, Aram Adriaanse, and Aus Greidanus and with stage designers Tom Schenk, Andre Joosten and Guus van Geffen.

International he worked on productions in Russia, South Africa, Albania, China and Brasil.

Henry is currently working as a freelance lighting designer and all-round theater technician. He also is planner at theater Diligentia in the Hague

His passion for photography took him to scene photography, making publicity photos and portrait photography for theater productions.


recent productions:


Regie David Geysen
Decor Guus van Geffen
Toneelgroep de Appel



Claudine & Claudette 2.0
Idee/Regie  Isabella Chapel, Saskia Mees,  Aus Greidanus
Stichting Claudine en Claudette

Das Lied von der Erde (Mahler, opera)
Regie  Yoshi Oida
Decor  Tom Schenk
Saõ Paulo, Brasil